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MLB 2010 Cy Young Winners

In the National League, the choice is obvious, but in the American League, it is as unclear as it has ever been.

AL Cy Young Award Winner: Felix Hernandez.  I know the arguments against a 13 game winner taking home this award, and guys like CC Sabathia and David Price can make a case for this award, but no AL pitcher dominated opposing batters and lineups the way Felix Hernandez did this year.  If Felix had the run support that Sabathia and Price got this year, he might have won 28 games this year.  This award is not about wins and losses, but about who was the best, most dominant pitcher in the league, and let there be no doubt, that guy is Felix Hernandez.  Best ERA among AL starters (2.27), most IP in the AL (249.2), the most Quality Starts in all of Baseball (30 in 34 starts), 2nd in Strike Outs in all of Baseball, one K  behind Jered Weaver (232), and the 2nd best WHIP amongst AL Starters behind Cliff Lee (1.06).  On any other team, Felix would have been a 20 game winner and there would be no doubt about who should win this award.  
NL Cy Young Award Winner: Roy “Doc” Halladay.  This one is easy!  Roy Halladay is, hands down, the best pitcher in the National League.  This guy isn’t just any old doctor, he’s a surgeon, the Surgeon General!  If his inning-eating, strike-throwing domination all year wasn’t enough, or his Perfect Game wasn’t enough, then just look at the numbers: 21 Wins, 2.44 ERA, 9 Complete Games, 250.2 IP, 219 K’s, and a 1.04 WHIP!  This guy is as good as it gets!