2010 World Series

The 2010 World Series gives us a great pairing between two teams that few expected to be here.  The San Fransisco Giants defied the odds by beating the two-time National League Champs, a team that also had the best regular season record in Major League Baseball this year.  The Texas Rangers surprised many by eliminating the teams with the two best regular season records in the American League.  The Giants-Rangers series will be present us with the age-old battle of good pitching versus good hitting.  Does good pitching beat good hitting?  I say yes!

2010 World Series Champions: San Fransisco Giants.  The young gunslingers of the San Fransisco Giants will be challenged by the young and exciting line-up of the Texas Rangers, but pitching will prevail.  Home field advantage will play a major role in this series.  Where are the Rangers going to hide Vladimir Guerrero in the field when they play in San Fransisco?  They need his bat, but will his defense pose a liability?  How are the Rangers’ pitchers going to handle the task of hitting in the 9th spot?  Can they bunt a man over to 2nd, or 3rd?  The Rangers’ speed will create problems, but they’ll need base runners, and base runners may be few and far between against the Giants’ pitching.  If it weren’t for Cliff Lee, I’d say the Giants would take this series in five games, but Lee will be tough to beat and will likely see three starts in a seven game series.  And when they play in Texas the Giants will get an extra bat on an offense that always seems to do just enough to win.  Buster Posey will show everyone why he should be the NL Rookie of the Year and Giant pitching will stifle the hot bats of the Rangers.  
Advantage Giants: San Fransisco Giants in 7 games.


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