MLB 2010 Most Valuable Players

This year’s MVP picks are tough.  Several guys in each league can make a strong case for winning the MVP this year.

AL Most Valuable Player: Josh Hamilton.  I think a legitimate case could be made for both Miguel Cabrera and Jose Bautista, but Hamilton was out of this world this year.  Even though he missed 29 games late in the season, he was the main reason the Rangers ran away with the AL West.  Had Cabrera or Batista been on a Pennant winner, one of them might run away with the voting, but Hamilton was the key player on a Pennant Winner and his numbers, despite missing 29 games, were still among the league leaders across the board.  AL Batting Champ with a MLB best Batting Average (0.359), tied for 5th in the AL in HR (32), 12th in the AL in RBIs (100), 2nd in the AL in OB% (0.411), and an AL Best Slugging % (0.633).  
NL Most Valuable Player: Albert Pujols.  Again, a legitimate case could be made for both Joey Votto and Carlos Gonzalez.  Pujols edges out both Votto and Gonzalez largely due to his consistency throughout the season.  And the numbers, for the tenth straight year, are just what we’ve all come to expect from Pujols.  Tied for 5th in the NL in Batting Average (0.312), 1st in the NL in RBIs (118), 1st in the NL in HR (42), 2nd in the NL in OB% (0.414), 3rd in the NL in Slugging % (0.596), and for a Power Hitter, he only strikes out once every 7.72 AB (whereas Votto and Gonzalez strike out every 4.38 and 4.35 ABs, respectively).

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